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Unless there is any objection by the end of this week, I will be finalizing the close of this game. If, however, there is still a genuine interest in starting up again and continuing amongst -most- of you [who are available, anyway], then we can follow that route instead.

Yea or nay by Saturday.
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Here's what I think. The purpose of the community factor of the game is to be able to make posts at times while those necessary for roleplaying a given scenario are unavailable and can therefore respond in due time. Not every post needs to be a dramatic novel. If it's really that difficult, one may start a post, and the rest of you can respond in turn through sequential comments. I don't understand why this alternative is so inconvenient as opposed to doing nothing at all for a good number of weeks. We'll need to do a roll call shortly for intentional activity.


Paging aine_silveria, paging aine_silveria! My player is a poop and didn't check here for a long time, but is willing to play out a little something-something to go along with the silly synopsis recently posted in AD! If you wants, that is! In the meantime, have a rainbow! *rainbows!!!*
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Community = stagnant?

Opening up prey for available hunts at your characters' leisure.

David - the Ark of the Covenant.
Lilith - the Crown of Thorns.

Available spots include the Coliseum, the Trevi Fountain, Castel (S. Angelo). Though do keep in mind as daestwen has warned, some of these may have incurred damages from Uriel's vast attack. You know how to seal now. Two for the show.
Lenne - windy beauty

Completely OOC

Mephistopheles: *annoyed glare*
*creates an anime-style dimensional mallet of doom from her shadows*
*starts chasing angels and XI around with the mallet*

Chani: *clotheslines Mephy to the ground and sits on her* So. Who do I talk to about taking out Mephy before she finishes powering up and goes completely psychotic?

Mephistopheles: *wiggles around at the injustice* Hey~~

Chani: Shush you. I want her nicely defeated and injured further. Any takers?
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