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Application for Metatron

A potentially heretical and blasphemous portrayal of Metatron.

Name: Myca
Contact: AIM: Mycaelis Kyrie; Yahoo! Messenger (Also the contact e-mail):
Age: 19
Roleplay Experience:
I've been RPing for about five years, in both freeform (book-based and original) and stated games (Vampire: the Masquerade, Mage: the Ascension, Demon: the Fallen, FUDGE). I've played mortals, vampires, shapeshifters, demons, angels and other supernatural beings in medieval and modern settings; all the characters are original, though I may adapt them to the various "universes".
Journal: icarus_down

Original Name: Metatron, the "lesser YHVH", "the Youth", Tetragrammaton.
Original Dominion:
The Chancellor of Heaven; prince of the ministering angels and sustainer of mankind.

He is the supreme angel of death to whom God gives daily orders as to the souls to be taken. He then delegates these orders to his subordinates, Gabriel and Sammael. Metatron is considered by some to be mightier than Michael or Gabriel. Metatron is also the teacher of prematurely dead children in Paradise. As the divine scribe, he has knowledge of all that has taken place in the past, the present and the subjective future (for only the Almighty knows what is truly to come, and that pesky thing called free will might change things in myriad ways).

Original Rank: Archangel.

About Metatron:
The voice of God. A mysterious angel, he has been referred to as "lesser YHVH" and his name is numerically equivalent to YHWH, and is therefore said to have a "Name like his Master". The only one who is permitted to sit down in Paradise barring the Almighty Himself, Metatron has been looked upon as a Deity by heretics who claim that "there are indeed two powers in heaven!"

The closest to God, this angel's history is, however, up for debate. According to some sources, he is the ascended Enoch, and to some others, he is the Primordial Metatron, who had existed since creation and might even be the first of the angels.

He has been known as the link between the human and the divine. The angel who wrestled with Jacob. (Genesis 32), as the watchman (Isaiah 20) Also see Exodus 23:20 for this refers to Metatron as well. Metatron, according to the cabala is the angel said to have lead the children of Israel through the wilderness. His female equivalent is Shekinah. His twin brother is Sandalphon.

After arriving in heaven he was transformed into a spirit of fire and equipped with 36 pairs of wings as well as innumerable eyes. He resides in the 7th heaven and when evoked appears as a pillar of fire said to be more dazzling than the sun. He has many other names that he is called by. He has also been credited with the authorship of Psalms 37:25.

Loyalty Status:
Arguably the closest to God, though his emotions for Him are mixed and clash violently with each other. However, he never speaks of that and presents an almost fanatically loyalist front.

Number/Description of Wings:
In his true form, Metatron has, in reality, thirty-six pairs of fiery wings and a visage that none can look upon. However, as loathe as he is to reveal himself in that form, he appears frequently with three pairs of vermilion wings of fire.

Physical Description:
Born again in human flesh as Matthias Faust, who is currently 27. Metatron has crystalline blue eyes and pale blond hair that falls straight and past his shoulders by a couple of inches or so. He has the type of complexion that would burn easily under the sun rather than tan.

Broad of shoulder, relatively tall at 6ft 1in, and slender in a vaguely serpentine manner, there should not be any doubt whatsoever as to his gender. However, there is something unsettlingly androgynous about his appearance. Perhaps it is the oddly fragile air that clings to him.

He seems given to melancholy and is very quiet. Most of the time, one gets the impression that he is overly solemn and has never truly smiled once in his life. Additionally, his speech appears to be scrubbed clean of any discernible accent.

In the angelic form he takes on occasionally, Metatron is as an androgynous young man with eyes like gaslight, a golden mane and skin that seems to burn with a white fire within. While it does not approach the brilliance of his true form, it is nonetheless blinding.

One good word to describe Metatron as he is in the present would be wistful.

Metatron has a tendency of being overly solemn, as both an angel and a human. If asked, he might not even be able to tell when he had last laughed or smiled. Given his astounding memory, that in itself says much about Metatron.

Completely incapable of denying aid to anyone in need, Metatron has been viewed as both a busybody and something of a good Samaritan. Being the "sustainer of men", Metatron finds it hard to turn people away even when he himself has no real means of helping the other person. He is unbelievably good with children, and seems to have a soft spot for them.

Additionally, initially, he had been very much involved with humans and their lives, but after he found out how his own moodiness acted as something of a "mood-killer" for most people, he started to distance himself.

While he can be compassionate and kind, he becomes extremely judgemental when it comes to God's decrees, disdaining even the selective nature of the modern Christian faith and its many denominations. In these instances, he sees everything in black and white.

The silence on the part of YHWH has affected Metatron quite profoundly, if not the most profoundly. Stripped of one of the most constant things of his very existence, Metatron finds himself swamped with doubt and uncertainty. Worse still is the effect it has on his psyche. If Metatron had a significant sense of self at all, one could say that his self-esteem was greatly affected by His silence. He finds himself wondering if, perhaps, his being human again had somehow affected his ability to hear Him.

Character Strengths:
His conviction and theomania, which might or might not be the same thing at times.

Character Flaws:
His self-doubt, the way his compassion opens him up to being taken advantage of.

Physical Strengths:
Metatron had been made for other things than combat. The only thing that he has that might help him in physical combat is his unparalleled awareness of his surroundings. His unseen eyes see all, within a reasonable range, and so, it is nearly impossible to surprise him. He can also feel how close physical death is, and when that possibility grows (but not exactly when or how), though it helps almost not at all in combat.

Physical Weaknesses:
As the voice of God, Metatron ideally should not see much combat. His strength, speed and dexterity are all relatively mediocre. His endurance, however, is formidable, though his emotional and mental endurance is greater. His reflexes are not as good as they should be, given how he is rarely, if ever, surprised.

Human Background:
Born into a rather chaotic household, Matthias––Metatron,––was the first and last child of Victoria Faber. For a while, it seemed that his birth had been enough to keep his parents' rocky marriage together and intact.

Shortly after he turned seven, his parents finally separated and his mother was the one that won the custody war over him. His mother still looks back on that instant as what made her son the moody and melancholy individual he grew to become.

Given his nature, Matthias was a sweet child and ridiculously easy to handle. The only thing he lacked that stopped him from being the golden child was the fact that he seemed never to smile or laugh. In fact, no one seems able to recall a time when they had seen such a thing from Matthias. When asked, Matthias would stubbornly reply that nothing was wrong.

It was because of precisely these little... quirks of his that made everyone he had come to know drift far away from him, after trying unsuccessfully to divine what troubled or depressed him so. At one point in time, his mother even tried to get him to see a psychiatrist for it. Soon, even his mother stopped trying and simply ignored him for the most part. Matthias seemed entirely oblivious to this fact, however.

All in all, it seemed that he would live a typical, boring life, with nary a stain in his life. There were a few incidents where he was almost arrested for assault, however. The angel incarnate had been found severely beaten up and bleeding, in much the same state as his supposed "victims"; no one believed that Matthias had instigated the fight, rather, the other way around. He was summarily judged innocent; on multiple counts at different times in his life. While most believe that the judgements were fair, only Matthias and the ones that had brought the charges against him know the truth of it.

In terms of education, Matthias went through much the same as any other human. He found most subjects easy, except for what should be his subject authority, given his dominion: history. Evidently, history did indeed change with different authors, and Matthias soon learned the better of it and actually picked it as his major after he graduated from high school.

Presently, though he could have worked on his Ph.D. and teach in a university, he elected to forgo all that and teaches History in a middle school. He seems to spend a lot of his time in orphanages and homes for "special" children.

Just three weeks ago, Matthias got into a car accident that left him in a comatose state for all of those three weeks. Upon awakening, he displayed many of the classical symptoms of schizophrenia, though Matthias insists that he is fine and has since been discharged from the hospital. He is currently making his way to Rome––he had said to God, "Show me a sign!" And God had done so, albeit in a rather aggressive manner.

War Politics:
Metatron sees the war as something that has been long coming. This, however, does not make him any happier with it. One would have thought that witnessing all the wars through time between the Divine and amongst men might have inured him to the pain and horror of war, but it is precisely the opposite.

At the moment, he sees it as a necessary evil. Evil.

The same goes for the war just before and after the Fall. What the Almighty is doing to the angels, though, is something that Metatron would like to keep to himself––he is torn between two opinions of it, and yet how can YHWH be wrong?

Created the way he was, it seems that Metatron has no power he would willingly use on Earth, lest he kills the mortals he tries so hard to keep alive. As the Voice of God, and perhaps, the only one to have ever really heard His Voice, Metatron can mimick it. Of course, there is a reason He does not speak directly to all the others. Metatron's mimicry is capable of causing unbelievable destruction. It is just the same as his true form, which might be potentially fatal.

Pre-War Relationships with Other Angels: To be determined through OOC-discussion or in-game.

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