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The Church is infallible.

An application to be considered. Another character to join XI.

Name. Lovely Daisy Picker Pretty Twinkle Toes, Xana (being a smartass ^_~)
Contact. xanatenshi@gmail Y!M: xana_no_tenshi IM: Illusion My Life
Age. Older than you.
Roleplay Experience. I'm very experienced.
Journal. yashakizu or Lucifer's Journal _light_bringer_

Original Name. Pontius Pilate

Condemning Sin. Ordering the execution/crucifixion of Jesus, the human incarnation of YHWH, instigating the Passion.

'Christian' Name. XI Name: Father Anselmo (Birth Name: Marcello Ponzio)

Physical Description. Not a young man (we'll say he's 35 for reference.) Has curling dark brown hair cropped short in a military cut; he's already starting to go gray at the temples which makes him appear a lot older than he really is. Intelligent but hard set mocha brown eyes offset by heavy, defined brows. Slightly pale skin, he is not a dark Italian by any means. He is muscular, broad shouldered, handsome in a rugged way. He usually has a permanent five o'clock shadow on his face. He has a Roman nose. He gives off the aura of being a good father who turns into the strictest (and scariest) of disciplinarians when the rules are broken.

Personality. Believes in playing by the rules—there are never any exceptions. NEVER. Does not cry. He is very regimented. He appears the most coolly sane person until the switch goes off in his head and he suffers an attack brought on by his post-traumatic stress disorder from a military accident he caused. His sense of humor is...lacking. He may be fast with a sword but slow with a punchline. He believes in the infallibility of the Catholic Church, which means that he believes in all the catechisms and all the beliefs of the Church. This means the following things are completely wrong to him: pre-marital sex, birth control, abortion, homosexuality, etc...

Character Strengths. He has an unbending will—he truly believes YHWH leads him and he will not stray from the path. Nothing....and I mean nothing...will make him turn from his duty. He is very knowledgeable about the scriptures and has done extensive research in the Vatican archives on the Fallen. He is a complete fighter (and a damn good one at that), and never a lover.

Character Flaws. He suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder from a horrible incident he caused while in the military. He is the most sane, levelheaded, untroubled person and then suddenly he snaps. His PTSD attacks tend to culminate with him getting into a fight against illusions only he can see. Usually he relives the past mistake he made
that caused the death of his comrades. They appear in pieces (and I mean the kind of pieces left of people after a major explosion) and he can only stop and scream and fight until the attack is over.

Physical Strengths. Even though he is ex-military he maintains a strict work out regime. He does not smoke. He does not drink. He spends hours pumping iron, jogging, and working with his sword when he is not involved in administrative duties or other matters.

Physical Weaknesses. He walks with a slight limp from an old military wound on his right knee. He trains to overcome it, but it is an obvious point of weakness and sometimes there is nothing he can do if it gives out on him. His PTSD attacks are also debilitating.

Historical Role. Pontius Pilate, governor of the Roman Province of Judea, and Roman General from AD 26 until around AD 36. He is known for becoming an unwitting accomplice in the "greatest story ever told" when he sent Jesus to his death. Some say he did all he could to prevent the crucifixion, but in order to keep peace between the Romans and Jews he allowed the crowd to be the judges of an innocent man. Some say it was Pilate's fault, others say it was the Jews, but it is known that Pilate exercised some cruelty as well as interest and fairness in the Jewish culture of the province.

Pre-XI Background and History. Marcello Ponzio was born into a large Italian family, he is the youngest of four sisters. His father was killed in a military maneuver when he was 9. Even raised by a mother and having four older sisters he did all he could to reject any feminine influence and went to a radically masculine outlook on life as he tried to live up to what he perceived his father to be like. He joined the Italian army and began to turn his course to be a chaplain, but before he could take this course he was dishonorably discharged. During a training exercise, he made an obvious mistake on a timed explosive. The event left 5 men dead and Ponzio with a busted knee and post-traumatic stress bad enough that he has never truly recovered. He was discharged as being a liability to the military for various mental incompetencies. He promptly entered the priesthood in order to throw off the guilt of his past mistakes and to go into hiding to cover his shame. It was about this time that his oldest sister was brutally raped and his youngest sister was diagnosed with cancer. He saw these events as being related to his own failings as a person. He became more concerned with the rules, with never doing wrong, with upholding what was God's Truth and it was through his growing zeal that he joined XI and became Father Anselmo.

He now pretends his family does not exist in order to distance himself from "earthly possessions" so that he feels no guilt if he may have to give up his life during the War. In fact, he would welcome such a thing if he did not have some small doubt in his mind that he might not end up in the right place on the other side...and this is simply one more thing that keeps him so concerned with following the rules on the right path.

War Politics. There would never be any need to ever doubt his loyalty to XI, the Vatican, and YHWH. He will do all he can to kill the demons. As to his opinions on angels? He respects Michael the most as the warrior angel. He is glad for the angels help as long as they will join him in killing the demons.

Soul Weapon. He uses a Roman spatha (http://www.odinblades.com/Swords2k/SpathaX.jpg) <--What a spatha looks like.

It is intricately carved with holy symbols. He is able to call it too him by carrying around an old roman coin which he need only touch and speak the word "Adsum!" which means something along the lines of "Come to my hand." <--I am checking on the proper Latin conjugation/phrase because I am a geek and must be concise and I KNOW I don't have it correct right now. XD

(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Antoninianus_Aemilianus-RIC_0015.jpg ) <--The coin.

Magic Specialty. He can summon Mars, not the god himself for that would be a blasphemy, but a Being that very much resembles Mars. The summon looks like the images and sculptures of Mars scattered around Rome and kept in the Vatican archives: a young man of great physical strength and perfect form wearing a great helm and Roman armor and carrying a great sword. His eyes are fierce and determined, yet intelligent. The summon itself can work independently of Pilate, or can impose itself over him and in turn become a shield of defense. When it imposes itself over Pilate, Pilate appears twice his own size but when the summon's power has depleted or he has been defeated then it is only Pilate who can fight and he cannot summon Mars again until 24 hours have passed.

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