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APP for Archangel Michael

Hi there ^^ This...would be my post to apply for the Archangel Michael


You do not need to have joined the community to post your application.

Name. RPG alias is Mira, but if you’re like Xie, you can call me 49.
Contact. SurrealityFair@aol.com and SurrealityFair on AIM
Age. 18
Roleplay Experience. Playing for 7 years, Mod of 5 games. I’ve played mostly anime characters (Anthy from Utena, Michiru from BSSM, etc.) but in recent years I branched out into original, realistic storylines (Tempest Rising was one of the games I was mod of…a modern times game based on ancient greek mythology) and more movie/book verse characters.
Journal. www.livejournal.com/~miraanokaiousei

Original Name. Michael

Original Dominion. God’s Right Hand, “Prince” of the angels, wielder of the Flaming Sword, the “Great prince, who standeth for [God’s] children.” Meant to turn people towards God and away from Sin, and be the champion of God’s people. He accompanies the just on their journey to heaven and opens the gates there for them to pass. He is also the patron saint of loners, soldiers, and Germany. (Yeah, okay.) His prestige as an angelic healer overshadowed that of his military record, however. Modern occultists associate Michael with the color Red, the direction South and the element Fire. In other forms of occultism, Michael is said to be the spirit of the planet Mercury. He is ruler over Sunday and Thursday. He is the alchemy of motivation, activation and achievement. He is said to be bringer of the gift of patience, and angel of careers, courage, achievements, ambitions, motivation, and life tasks.

Original Rank. Archangel

Loyalty Status. As God’s Right Hand, he is the angel arguably closest to God. After the fall, s/he remains loyal to him in her heart, though struggles a bit with human influence.

Number/Description of Wings. Two humongous, magnificent golden wings.

Physical Description. Michael has been reincarnated as a woman by the name Veronica Cartwright. She has jet black hair that’s silky and straight, hanging down to her waist. She has a firm jaw line and straight nose, with thin, straight lips. Her eyes are a very clear, very light blue. She is very striking, but in a powerful way, having a very androgynous feeling to her. She is muscular and fit from her various exercise routines, and dresses in unisex business suits.

Personality. As a Divine force, Michael was very dedicated to his Lord, with obvious reasons. Thus, he would see the humans much in the same light as God and still does have a fondness for them and their struggle even after being reincarnated. However, as a woman on Earth, Veronica finds that she must keep away from humans unless it is absolutely necessary to be with them, as she experiences a certain awkward and sinful yearning towards women that she cannot quite explain and of which she is very ashamed. Michael was a champion and skilled fighter in Heaven, and Veronica finds herself to be confrontational in her job. She fights battles to win, and usually does. Her skills of persuasion stem from Michael’s ability to coax people from sin and towards the Light of God. Veronica is firey and mercurial, but just and generally goodhearted. She just comes off as being cold and distant because of her self-imposed barriers. She is a wealthy CIO, and indulges in small sinful creature comforts…such as chocolate, air conditioning, and the occasional hookah. But sshhh…don’t tell God.

Character Strengths. Ronnie/Michael is persuasive, and dominant, strong, protective, loyal, accomplished and highly skilled at many things. S/he is merciful and just, and a good leader.

Character Flaws. Unfortunately for her, as she was reincarnated, Veronica experiences a strong pull towards human emotions and a yearning for them…towards her same sex. This being considered a sin, it has thrown her into a personal kind of torment and whirl of self-denial…the strength of which sometimes affects her judgment as to where her heart truly lies…with God, or with his people.

Physical Strengths. Veronica and Michael both wielded incredible power, but never used it unjustly. Michael fought in wars only in the name of God and Veronica only runs her company with the intention of benefiting her employees. Michael was unstoppable in battle, and Veronica is constantly working out and is therefore very strong and agile. They both were capable of wielding the Flaming Sword, a rather spectacular weapon. Veronica, as Michael, can also control energy, as it is a combination of all elements. She is a very destructive force…capable of creating great blasts of energy (being a combination of all elements) that can knock people against walls or level entire countries. Since she has been practicing the use of this power since she discovered it, she can keep it well under control and does not like to use it often because it is so destructive. Due to the nature of energy, and her background as a physician at Constantinople, Michael can also use her powers to jump start a stopped heart within a few minutes of death, quite like the electrical shock machines. She can also use it to weld things, move things, jump start anything that requires energy basically (cars, buildings, toasters…) besides being able to use it to utterly destroy large amounts of…well, anything, but only at her utmost highest level of concentration…as in, the point just before she snaps, physically and mentally.

Physical Weaknesses. She does not eat frequently or very much, and so sometimes suffers dizzy spells or extreme headaches. Other than that, her only other weakness is a need for love. She's also allergic to men's cologne.

Human Background. Veronica Robert Cartwright was born to Cecelia and John-Anthony Robert Cartwright on December 21st, 1970, during a hurricane in southern Miami. She was a difficult child who adored her father, and hated her mother and thus the times that he was away on business- which was most of the time- made her an abrasive and wild girl. The only solace she found from the war with her mother was when her father took her on outings, specifically to a small local church decorated with seashells. She had a vague realization that she had been reincarnated, but was unsure of whom she was until they learned of St. Michael in Sunday school. It was then that her childish memories locked into place, and she was sure of who she really was. After that day, she spent the time her father was away playing with her awakening powers. She found that she could make the flames in the candles flare up and dance on her mother’s curtains if she was careful, or make the hose run dry so that her mother’s flowers died. John-Anthony could not say what had prompted the change in his daughter, but if it kept her happy, so be it. He was more than happy to increase their trips to church or to the library so that Ronnie could read up to her heart’s content on the history of the church and God. To curb any excess energy, John-Anthony sent Ronnie to take martial arts classes of all sorts, much to her mother’s dismay. As she hit puberty and began to shop more often for boyish shirts, slacks, and ties, it became apparent to Cecelia that she had not birthed the perfect little lady she had always wanted. With this realization, any relationship that Veronica and her mother might have had shattered completely. With the death of her father to cancer when she was 15, Veronica grew even further from her home and family and immersed herself into her church. In the summer of her sophomore year of high school, Veronica was put into an independent study project on the archangels with a girl in her youth group, Gabriella Hurstd. Gabriella loved reading about the supreme beings and their jobs, and Veronica just listened with a small smile on her face as her Gabby would babble on and on about the archangel Michael and his deeds. She was paying more attention to the sparkle of her eyes, the fullness of her lips, and the way her chest rose and fell with her breathing. Horrified, Veronica tried hard to hide her burgeoning feelings from her friend, but as they usually do, these things have a way of slipping out. The girls fell in love, and soon became lovers. The summer was the best time Veronica could remember since her father’s passing, and perhaps even before. In the fall of that year, however, Gabriella’s parents found them tangled naked on the couch one evening as they returned home a day early from a trip. The Hurstds were furious and ordered a restraining order on Veronica, ripping her from Gabriella’s life by force before she could be a “further influence” on the purity of their daughter. Gabriella’s heartbreak at seeing her go was what solidified it for Veronica: There could be no more Veronica Cartwright - only her mission as the Archangel Michael. She would renounce all human roots and focus on the war, forgetting about love entirely except for the love she had always felt for her God. She turned her extra energy back into working out and strengthening her body as she studied and got into college on a scholarship for computer programming. After graduating St. Christopher University with a BA in Computers and Business Management, Veronica joined the company EDS as a secretary, but within two years, her competence and persuasive personality had moved her up to the top office as CIO. She was wealthy beyond anything she might have imagined as a child, but she didn’t enjoy it. Instead, she only used her position of power to further the influence of her company to benefit her employees. At night, she goes home to a two bedroom apartment and stares out her living room window, accompanied by the apricot smelling smoke from a green glass hookah, and the bubbling of the tank where her companion and pet octopus, Ziggy Stardust, sits in the corner. She listens to music, raises a glass of wine to her solitude, and broods on the day ahead. She’s ready for the war to happen - anything to take her away from the day to day torment of stagnation and the pushing away of feelings she tries so hard to deny. The memory of that summer haunts her, and she has done everything in her power to keep away from any emotional ties with humanity since then, outside of the basic ones required of her as the Prince of Angels, Michael.

War Politics: Ronnie/Michael is more than ready to begin her part in the war. Stagnating in her Miami apartment is driving her crazy. She is ready to prove to herself and her God that her devotions once more lie with him and only him. She is merely waiting around for a sign that her part has begun. She is and always will be a loyal fighter for the Lord…no matter her personal struggle.

Artillery. The Flaming Sword, of course!

**Pre-War Relationships with Other Angels. TBA - other than being their “prince”.

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