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A sidenote for SAMMAEL's recent post.

You will excuse our characteristic, so-soon departure. With his task finished, he finds no need to linger, though we look forward to the afterparty that may ensue.

Any questions about the event that has just taken place are welcome. While some may complain that the Angels had no time to prevent this, the murder took less than a couple seconds, the Sealing was the automatic process that ensued (remember, this is all happening in very, very short seconds) granted that no one was on top of him (which would have been necessary to stop him--too little, too late, Gabriel?), and that this was a mandatory demonstration, it was done.

Despite the immense gravity of the situation, I kept this one light and as minimally drastic/drama-filled/devastating as possible, since it was our first sealed pillar. That and, I toned down the embellishing, as Rome is such a small little city. We'll be generous and allow it to exist for a bit longer. *wink* The next pillars will be accessible to both Angels and Devils, so no worry necessary.

And also, tempterofmen, it still says you are not a member of the main community. Fix?

aine_silveria, text me if you manage to get online.
long live the kinq.


It took me forever, but I have finally finished cleaning up and reformatting the entire Anno Domini system. Both anno__domini and exannodomini have new layout headers, though I think they make quite an elegant difference. The userinfo for ExAnnoDomini has also been altered (yes, with the same image--say something, I dare you).

The longest work of the evening was the main community's userinfo page, though I am tremendously satisfied with how it turned out. I think it looks far more elegant and quite cleaner, as it should be. I've also cut down and rewritten some of the information so as not to scare away any innocent by-passers/potential applicants.

  • In the character rosters, I entitled Sammael as an ArchDevil while labeling the other Fallen as ArchDemons, for the sake of clarifying the Satan vs. Lucifer dynamic, as well as the rebellion-theme of the story. Though if anyone is opposed to this, I will gladly change it.

  • rose_thunder, sifting through both the IC and OOC communities more than twice, I was unable to find your initial application post (though I'm certain I skipped it many a time, staring at a screen affects one's sanity vision after so long). If you could be so kind as to post the link for me here in a comment, I would greatly appreciate it.

  • Other than that, all links to character specifications should be correct.

  • petrosxi has been removed due to inactivity and lack of availability.

    And also, it would be lovely if anyone with some free time could conjure up some promotional banners, as we are in great need of an ArchAngel Michael and Metatron.

    Let me know what you guys think of the new get-up. If it's too much and/or too illegible, notify me immediately.

    ps. If anyone wants to download the TTF file for that badass font I used, let me know. I'd be more than glad to spread the love.

    pps. And as if I would let the ridiculous 06.06.06 go to waste. Sammael would never let any of you down. I am quite pleased at the popular turn-out for Eve's death. It's deserving of a celebration, I promise you. For any of you still a little uncertain as to how the pillars and objects work, this event will certainly clear it up for you.

    So, yeah. Community layouts re-laid. ...out. And if I don't hear one giant 'YAY' from this community, all your characters are next >O

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    glamfab .

    (no subject)

    I will need notification from the following players that they still have the intention of playing their roles. I understand that the transition into summer is always a hectic time, but it would be courteous if I was made aware of their whereabouts and cause for absence. I think both daestwen and myself to be quite lenient regarding circumstances such as these.




    Also, daestwen, for the sake of my impatience, what business does vermicious_nat have here?
    glamfab .


    Because I know there is much confusion to be expected, I am going to explain the basic concept of Beelzebub's [meta]physical transformation.

    Cram time.

    Chaos and Cosmos, similar to Aristotle's ultimate principle of the Immoveable Mover.Collapse )

    The limited illimitability of Sammael's Divine authority.Collapse )

    Ertosi = Beelzebub. Beelzebub =/= Ertosi.Collapse )

    Ertosi's creation has been permanently terminated.

    All are beneath the Creator by cosmic principle.Collapse )

    And certainly, I recognize it would not be fair of Sammael to start god-modding. Pun intended.

    All this works the second Sammael gets his hands on something. So beware. Though, Archangels, you needn't worry. It would take quite a bit of time and strength for him to be able to manipulate the cosmos of the more powerful sources of Cosmos. Basically, one would have to be pretty weak or surrender themselves to this for him to be able to recycle all (or most) of their Cosmos.

    If there are further questions, comments, protests, I welcome and encourage all of them.

    Concepts such as these are more often than not unfathomable, expecially without the experience of contemplation of the metaphysical universe (of which Scripture does not go in detail although it derives from and is in very close relation with the old and contemporary Greek/Roman philosophy of that time).

    Do not be discouraged from reading into the old texts (religious and philosophical), and don't be discouraged from the game. These are just technicalities for the use of everyone's better understanding. .....I certainly hope.